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“Challenges are my fuel, but they also often trigger mental blocks (...) which lead me to apply some of the techniques I'm going to share with you."

Filipe Oliveira is a Product Manager of a platform focused on talent management and developed by WINPROVIT.

Moreover, he is also focused on high performance coaching, guiding professionals in career progression to develop essential skills to achieve better results.


Here are some tips, from our winprover:

  1. Change your way of thinking: Pay attention to your inner speech, try to adopt a positive speech; try to have a constructive speech.  
  2. Set limits and small goals: We feel frequently blocked just by thinking that we will not have time to do something. This can generate anxiety, stress and frustration.
  3. Stimulate creativity: Read new and different things. Get interested in any kind of activity that is not usual to you.
  4. Change your environment: Try to rest and escape from the environment that holds you back.
  5. Try relaxation techniques: You don't have to be an expert in this field. Simply close your eyes and breathe deeply and slowly.
  6. Work on your self-esteem: Highlight your strengths and explore them. Do things that you are passionate about.
  7. Learn how to listen to the signals of your mind and body: The human body is a perfect machine. When something is not right, it sends you signals so that you can react.
  8. Do yoga: Doing yoga clears the mind, improves health, increases resistance and flexibility.
  9. Full attention: Focus on the present, on what you are doing at the moment.


For further information, follow Filipe on Instagram:

  • 07 June 2023

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