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“Nowadays, online security is a major factor for all of us. With the increase in computer attacks, at this time of pandemic, there are some rules that we must respect.

By using the Safe Internet Day, here are some suggestions to keep in mind:

•    Use strong and secure passwords, which contain special characters, uppercase, lowercase and numbers;

•    Avoid repeating the same passwords on different platforms;

•    Update passwords more frequently;

•    Confirm that the websites we visit are trustworthy, checking the indication "https" in the page's address;

•    Avoid connecting to public WiFi networks, once that they may be used by someone with malicious intent, who may collect all the information available on our equipment;

•    Always keep your antivirus and other software up to date.


Safe Internet Day is celebrated every year in February. The objective is to promote the safe use of the internet by all people, namely children, who are very exposed to risks in this worldwide communication network.

To mark the date, we leave some tips shared by our winprover André Chasse, who is part of the “IT Infrastructure” team. The tips can be complemented with other useful information, made available, together, by Google and Deco Proteste, at:

  • 09 February 2021

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